The Photo Post

I can’t begin to count the number of photos I’ve taken since I first picked up a camera for the purpose of being creative. If there was a wager put on it, my best guess would be in the hundreds of thousands. Hell, I can take twenty shots of my dog acting like a dog.

Nearly two years ago I experienced a devastating event. I lost everything I own in a fire. All my belongings were completely destroyed including every image I took in my life. Every image that meant something to me. Things like that can never be replaced. God! I think of that beautiful photo I took of my mother that I had displayed on my wall. Gone.

For a long time I didn’t feel like picking up a camera. Even to this day it takes a lot of effort for me to go out and shoot on a whim like I used to. Luckily, some of those images that I thought were gone forever were safe in my vehicle or stored here on the internet. Sadly, not my mother’s.

This post will be heavy… and I mean heavy with photos and some of them were taken on days where I had the motivation to go out to shoot. Those who are familiar with my work may have seen a lot of these before, but for those who aren’t, this will be a look into what I find interesting to shoot. As I stated in an earlier post, I’ll take a photo of most anything.

I tend to gravitate toward subjects that are static. I can experiment with the setting and shoot from different angles and views without it moving and you can’t get more motionless than a structure or building.

There it stands, tall and majestic… or sometimes it holds the remnants of days past. For instance, these photos taken at my elementary school a year before it was demolished.

It was both nostalgic and wondrous to see how a place that once taught young minds is now dilapidated.

Another aspect to the stillness of photography is nature. While it’s there to captivate us with its beauty, it’s always ever changing.

Staying within the realm of nature, I absolutely love autumn. I feel bad for those who don’t live in a climate where they can witness the scenery and colors bursting around them.

Another form of glorious colors comes by the way of sunsets. These were taken from the shores of Lake Erie.

One clear, summer day in particular, I saw the clouds forming and thought there could be a show put on that evening. I took my camera to the lake and waited for Mother Nature to do her thing.

On the other side, there are those subjects that are bound for movement. Animals and wildlife for one.

In a zoo, there is some limitation on the animals’ activity. It may not be as exciting as capturing a wild beast on the hunt but it does make it simpler for me to photograph the subject.

Remember the 20 photos I can easily take of my dog? Here’s two of them.

The subject I’m most challenged by is people but it’s not from lack of trying. There are times I do portraits, but most times when photographing the human subject, I much prefer candid shots.

The photo of this girl was taken around 1990.

Twenty years later, this photo is the girl’s daughter taken in 2009.

Concerts and performances are challenging but I enjoy trying to capture the moment.

Which leads me back to the element I love to photograph the most.